Are Wild Rats Illegal To Sale?

Just a hypothetical.
I received a phone call from a family who found a litter of wild rats. They had them inside their house for I’m unsure of how long but the humane society was closed so their next option was to find someone with a nursing mother so here I am. They are 2 days old, still had their cords when I got them and research tells me they shouldn’t have anything harmful because they’re so young (I doubt that but I only work with domesticated rats.) I’m going to release them when they get old enough from what I’ve read they don’t do well being caged up, but I was wondering if it was illegal to sale them? I couldn’t find anything on it on my states site so I assume no, just want to see if anyone has a idea. The next question is (again not going to do it, it would mess up my lines.) If it is illegal then what does that make the offspring of a domesticated rat and a wild rat, are they legal? I figure if they’re carrying anything harmful to humans or my pet rats it would likely get passed on along with them being unfriendly and just not making good pets. So to wrap it up
Is it illegal to sale a wild rat?
Is it illegal to sale the mutt offspring of a domesticated rat and a wild rat?
Anyone have any experience about releasing wild rats? Are mountains okay? I want them to get the best chance, they’re already in trouble because their mom is’t there to show them the ropes.

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3 Responses to “Are Wild Rats Illegal To Sale?”

  1. Jim says:

    I don;t know where you live but there are laws almost everywhere regarding the sale of wild animals. I doubt that the police are going to come to your door though becasue you sold a wild rat

  2. Jimmy says:

    Ok br’a, here is the deal. Your english and grammar is great. You sound really educated. I’m sure any decision you make will be a good one. You sale the crap out of those mutt rats.

  3. Jamie says:

    I’m honestly not sure if it’s illegal to sell them, but it probably is. Wild rats, even babies, can carry all kinds of diseases and parasites. Internal and external. So it’s best to not do that. Your friend should raise them out doors with as little human contact as possible and release them somewhere far away from people if he can when older. Rats don’t need mom to show them the ropes, they catch on quickly themselves. Be sure he releases them somewhere with a lot of hiding places like high grass or rocks. Many may become food for predators, but that’s how it is supposed to be. Rats are VERY smart, so the majority will figure it out quickly and do as they should.

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