Are you a bargain hunter? or do you buy things without looking at the price?

i ALWAYS look at the price and if i think its too much i put the item down lol. so im a ‘bargain hunter’

how about you

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33 Responses to “Are you a bargain hunter? or do you buy things without looking at the price?”

  1. Vassilisa Prekrasnaya says:

    Not a bargain hunter, but if I think something is expensive I won’t go for it, except if I really, really want it.
    When I really, really want something, price isn’t important. (money price, not those Machiavellistic things)

  2. Est passé de velours ♥Rose♥ says:

    depends on the shop haha

    Rose xx

  3. A. D says:

    I am both, If I really want it, I may buy it. But I always look for the sales or a coupon.

  4. Mo says:

    It depends on my cash flow at that time.

  5. Always thinkin' says:

    When you don’t money. . . EVERYONE is a bargain shopper!!!

    Bargain shopper and proud!!!!

  6. The Happy (Christmas) Murcia says:

    Yes i`m a bargain hunter as is my wife….

  7. Neescousin says:

    Love bargains. Love flea markets and open air markets. Love auctions.

  8. anners says:

    i’m a little of both..i guess it depends on how bad i want it/if i think it’s worth it!

  9. mahendra s says:

    I look th price and bargain

  10. Buddy says:

    A bit of both

  11. iks says:

    bargain hunter

  12. caroline1409f1 says:

    I am SO a bargain hunter. Always try to get something cheaper and will happily shop around – even if I end up going back to the first shop! Drives my husband mad. I even do it with petrol prices!

  13. oh_jo123 says:

    I used to not be a bargain hunter until I met my fiance who is just CHEAP… now when I find something I like and that I use often but it is a bit more expensive I’ll buy it regardless but if it is something I don’t really need anyway then NO I am a bargain hunter LOL

  14. ross x says:

    Bargain hunter. Own brands for me.

  15. my brain hurts says:

    I have to hunt for bargains yes, we don’t have a lot to spare these days. But then I’ve always tried to get the best price on things, it’s just a bit more crucial now.

  16. sparkle says:

    i am an avid bargain hunter,but i have splurged on occasion

  17. Nay Nay says:

    A Bit of both Welsh, i love to get a bargain, but if i see something that i really want then i will buy it regardless of the cost! But i am not insane i wouldn’t pay silly money for an item!

  18. WILLIAM T says:

    bargin hunter but some times too much and dont realise a bargin till its gone

  19. Nothing But Nigel says:

    Apparently the british population absolutely love a bargain. I know i do….

  20. ~Luv SiS says:

    Def. bargain shopper. You can get more stuff that way. But if I have to have it, then I have to buy it.

  21. Champagne says:

    If it’s a big item i’ll look and maybe compare a few prices but menial things like food i’ll just not bother looking as they’re all similar in price anyway.

  22. yusdz says:

    I’m a smart consumer, I don’t go for brands and most unlikely to be affected by commercials, I try my best to match price and qualities, I don’t mind to pay extra bucks to get satisfaction.

  23. Sugarplum says:

    I would say I am a bargain hunter, however if it is something I really want I will still look at the price and if it is to much I will get it anyway..

  24. justme says:

    My slogan has always been "never pay retail". I am pretty good at finding bargains. However, if there is something I really want, just have to have, I will pay full price.

  25. TROLL says:

    Unlike women some of us men [well me in particular] go to a shop to buy a specific item.

    I don’t shop around, or even brouse I just pick up what I want and buy it.
    I always ask the retailer "is this the best price you can do ?" and about 30% of the time get something knocked off.

    You women spend far too much time and effort shopping.

  26. deedee says:

    Bargain hunter all the way!!
    We have like 4 closeout shops out here that get the damaged stuff and sell it at half price or more. I got my son a 360 and paid $200 for it, brand new still in box, the box had a razor cut going along the front of it. I am there every week looking for bargains. I dont care if the box is damaged, you throw it out anyway!!

  27. jwleszcz says:

    The majority of the time about 99% of the time I will checking out the price. Sometimes specific items that have been requested for birthday or christmas is when I sometimes don’t have a choice in the price.

  28. GIZMO says:

    If I need something I just buy it

  29. ~electra~ says:

    yep same here!:)

  30. patrona says:

    My passion is what i have seen in the works of those with imagination weather it cost or not
    if you like it buy it But remember it has to have a pedestal
    if not forget it it lands in the bottom of your Draw
    i find my nautical in the sea where i live
    Some people find form in clouds i find life in every shell
    as was my eldest whom gifted me that insight as the art
    with in her imagination i named her Corinth Therese
    She calls herself the Moon Puppet she is my precious

  31. Santa's Beaver Diva Sue says:

    A bargain hunter welsh unless there is something special I want.

  32. nana4dakids says:

    I am the ultimate bargain hunter. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping for 7 grandchildren, including the two I am raising for about $150.00 total.

    That is including a wooden train set and roller blades for one grandson and a pink scooter for my granddaughter (from Santa).

    Everything I have bought has been brand new and I got them at stores like K-Mart and Toys R Us. Nothing used or from a consignment shop either. Which by the way, is a great place to shop.

  33. *♥santa's♥*little*♥angel♥* says:

    i always haggle always looking for a deal

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