Are you going to the sales?

Retailers will be trying to persuade people to spend more of their money as the post-Christmas sales begin later. Will you be out bargain hunting?

A number of stores opened their doors at 0700 GMT, many of them offering huge reductions on prices.

Some high street stores, including John Lewis and Marks & Spencer, began sales on their websites on Christmas Day.

Norman Black, from London’s Brent Cross Shopping Centre, said more than 100 of its stores would be starting their sales on Boxing Day.

Are you tempted by the sales? What bargains are you looking for? Is the downturn stopping you from going to the shops?

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8 Responses to “Are you going to the sales?”

  1. WelshLad says:

    I’m not tempted, because I don’t want anything. I ain’t going to buy things for the sake of it.

    I want a Wii and there is no sale for them – surprise surprise, sales are a con.

  2. mwah.xx says:

    I will definitely be hitting the sales. Can’t wait!

  3. Mike says:

    No I am not going to these sales.I have no more money than I had before the sales.

  4. hat-a-tat-tat says:

    i have shopped till i nearly dropped & have had great fun!!

    i was at the Next sale yesterday just before 5.30am…my hubby thinks i am a bit loopy….i am now officially done with my shopping…no more wardrobe room!!

  5. FoudaFaFa says:

    not in uk but sales here in usa really are lame unrealistic pricing no one will buy lower quality been on the shelf for months no one wanted it before stuff for maybe 30% off.What a rip off and no Im not biting. I’ve been looking at the same stuff for months and still retailers have no clue. When they say home owners are in denial and won’t price their homes for the current market, I say look at the stupid retailers. Pricing and marketing know-how doesn’t exist.

  6. afdip says:

    I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD.

  7. Prodigal Son says:

    Probably not, there’s nothing I need.

  8. floss0802 says:

    Yes i went to the sales at the metro centre and they were crap, am off down my local town tomorrow to see if i can grab a good un!

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