Are You Happy Obama Won Tonight?

I am happy. I am happy that I won’t have to leave the country in fear of fascist suppression and forceful submission of the Christian religion or being forced to work for nothing and scratching to survive. And not seeing my sick, parents from perishing by a voucher system that would have ultimately killed them off in a few weeks. Thank GOD Obama won. Now it’s time to take back what was taken from all of us from the rich class.
Time to make them pay more in taxes and to both create jobs and support those who have done their fair share of the work load for decades. Wouldn’t all of you agree?

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6 Responses to “Are You Happy Obama Won Tonight?”

  1. Jack B. Nimble says:

    I wanted Romney to win. But in the other hand, I’m glad American women no longer fear of being put into binders and Big Bird will not need to resort to drug-dealing for income.

  2. lordfrig says:

    Hopefully a long saga of republican mischief has come to an end and America can go back to being semi peaceful. You don’t realize how exhausting republican stupidity is until you have lived it for four years.

  3. Dr. TJ says:

    I’m not American, so I don’t care either way.

  4. super g says:

    Ashamed. I thought America had finally woken up from its slumber. Obviously not.

  5. Midsumme says:

    Not really. Chicago politics should never go to the white house for one. Its crooked but then again so are most politicians.

  6. Nicholas says:

    I’m not. I’m active duty military and I seriously started looking for jobs for when I get let go because the government can’t pay us.

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