Are you sure that Waitrose is for the wealthy?

A lot of people say Waitrose is an upscale (or high end) supermarket catered to the wealthy. But as I shopped there, it was just like one of those supermarket to me, and I never felt it was for wealthy people. As a matter of fact, I found some items cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

And to me, Marks & Spencer seems to be more upscale for the rich…

These are just my personal opinions but what is so special (or high end/upscale) about Waitrose?

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10 Responses to “Are you sure that Waitrose is for the wealthy?”

  1. The Dark Side says:

    Traditionally Waitrose has been thought of as a high end supermarket but you’re right, there’s not much in it. I happen to live just across the road from a Waitrose so shop in it a lot and the one difference I’d say it has is that you’re more likely to find "specialist" ingredients in it.

    A couple of things that come immediately to my mind are ready-grated Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses. Sainsbury’s (my next nearest supermarket) doesn’t have ready-grated Parmesan in resealable little plastic bags, and it doesn’t have ready-grated Gruyere at all. Waitrose has both. Waitrose also doesn’t have a specifically cheap range like Sainsbury’s "basics". They introduced the "essential Waitrose" branding a little while ago but I’m not sure what that’s about.

    I agree Marks & Spencer is definitely more upscale for the rich who have little time. That much is obvious from its high concentration on a far larger range of ready meals than any of the main supermarket chains.

  2. Phil says:

    waitrose and marks and spencers are more for the people who are better off, and yes of course you will find some items cheaper than other supermarkets becuase it is their competition and prices are the only way to compete

  3. RachealLeigh=moi :) says:

    It is quite expensive in there but they will have there cheap stuff of course all waitrose is centred around many posh towns.
    Also its where the Queens whoever buys her food so that might have something to do with it being known for the rich.

  4. Lady D says:

    No, I think it used to have that reputation but in my opinion (and I shop at Waitrose, M& S, Sainsbury’s and Tesco) it’s not that different. The key difference is that it sells some high end ready meals and offers a choice of some more exotic food. But you don’t have to buy it. If you went to Waitrose and bought basic ingredients -I don’t think there would be much difference. The key thing with all these supermarkets is to take advantage of their special offers. Often things are half price in one supermarket and normal price in the other and so forth.

    The difference with Waitrose and M & S is the shopping experience is more personal as the shops tend to be smaller. If you buy fruit from M&S – it’s always the best -no soggy grapes for example. So there’s no waste.To be honest, I find Tesco a bit depressing – it’s really good for pharmacy and electrical products as it offers such a wide range, but I always come out feeling rattled (it takes hours to find each aisle) and it’s my last choice.

    btw Ken- you can buy some decent duvets and pillows from Sainsbury’s too! I answered another question of yours.

  5. RR says:

    I like Waitrose. However, our weekly family shopping bill in Waitrose generally comes out about £20 more in Waitrose than a similar one in Morrison’s.

  6. Hsquared says:

    As with all supermarkets some items are dearer and some cheaper. That is why you need to look at the costs carefully especially the special offers that turn out not to be so special after all.

  7. Angel says:

    Marks & Spencer’s are better,

  8. Uncle Sid says:

    I find Waitrose a little pricier than most supermarkets but I don’t mind paying a little extra for their high-quality goods. I find that M&S quality has gone downhill a bit and sometimes you find something there which tastes really nice and they don’t ever stock it again, which is annoying. My mouth invariably salivates when I go past the deli counters in Waitrose.

  9. MtotheR MIGHTY RA! says:

    I dislike the way that Marks and Waitrose package up bland cheap goods and market them as premium, things like dog meat sausage rolls and low meat content pies.

    I think that Morrisons have absolutely thrived since they took over Safeway and offer a good mixture of premium and budget food and value.

  10. David S says:

    Waitrose is Britain’s fastest growing supermarket chain in terms of sales. They offer food at reasonable prices for everyone, not just the wealthy, but also stock some more unusual foods that wealthier people might serve at a dinner party for example. Their fresh foods are of a higher quality than comparable supermarkets and so is their customer service. I like them particularly because they stock a large range of organic food

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