Area Rugs

Rugs keep their place in the field of interior design. They are special in their own way. Not only that, there is always a special area rug to add color and appeal to your home.

Beautiful colors and designs

You’ll just be amazed at the variety, colors, designs and shapes to see in which carpets are manufactured. There will hardly be occasion when you would not find what you are looking for an area rug.

The most popular types of rugs are traditional, contemporary, transitional, Southwestern, tribal and Europe.

The common shapes are round, square and oval. Sometimes they come in layers, called quilts. This is useful in the prevention of direct damage to the entire carpet, when the pad bears the greater part of the wear.


Rugs bear this name because of their usefulness. They can easily be moved from one room to another. They seem only to adapt to the environment around.

For example, you can cover the major portion of a room with a beautiful carpet and place to complete a beautiful area rug in the remaining part. Such flexibility is what makes carpets popular and preferential.

Rugs can be individually selected for each room to add more meaning to your interior decorating theme. Choosing a suitable area rug and place it in the most convenient place will save you the trouble of rearranging or remodeling other stuff to decorate your place.

There are many designs of carpets, which are available at affordable rates. Some look ethnic, while others reflect the modern art. You can also opt for exclusive rugs for your kids.

The unique feature of rugs is that they acquire the characteristics of the place where they are used. If it is the living room, then an area rug can suddenly give it an extraordinary look. If it’s on the road or under the stairs, it can absorb all the dust and dirt in those parts.

They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. To make them last longer, you can change their sides periodically.

So, what are you waiting for? Take home an area rug and change the look of your home dramatically, to the surprise of everyone.

Source by Ross Bainbridge

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