Arriving In Los Angeles From Las Vegas (10:20pm) Then Flight To New York (9am) Is Advisable?

I found a great package deal thru Southwest airlines from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (hotel + RT airfare + show tickets+$75 off) and after that trip I’ll be flying to New York.
My concerns are:
1. Arriving from Las Vegas at 10:20PM and the flight going to New York is 9:00AM. Is it manageable to have this flight since this is not a connecting flight? Would there be any hassle transferring from arrival to departure or is it better to go to New York from Las Vegas? (Expenses will be higher though as I can’t avail the package since they only offer a RT airfare and I need to buy all separately)
2. If this route is manageable, do you advice that I just stay in the airport or I can still go out LA before my flight?
It’s my first time traveling in the US and would really appreciate your advice. Thanks!! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Arriving In Los Angeles From Las Vegas (10:20pm) Then Flight To New York (9am) Is Advisable?”

  1. UrbanPho says:

    I’ve been traveling at least once per year the past 25 years and I bet you can find a better schedule for the same price or less by shopping individual airline web sites, individual hotel web sites, and looking for discount promo codes for the hotel. Southwest has direct flights from Las Vegas to NYC… Spirit Airlines and Jet Blue should as well.
    The problem with your current arrangement is that you either have to camp out at LAX for 10 hours (which is technically illegal, airports are not lodging) or go to a hotel which you’d arrive at about midnight then have to check of by 6 am to make a 9 am flight. And either way you risk missing your flight because you’ll be wound up after the 10 pm flight, not be able to fall asleep easily… then you’ll finally fall asleep around 4 a.m. and could miss the 9 am flight.
    The value of airfare from LAS to LAX is very low anyway, probably $30 to $50, so I would sacrifice that ticket in lieu of getting a better connecting flight to New York. Buy the Southwest package you want but just don’t use the return ticket to LAX. Instead, buy a ticket from LAS to New York with a return ticket from New York to LAX.
    Missing a flight creates a huge expense and hassle for you. You lose the money you paid for the ticket, then you have to pay full fare for another ticket. Short notice flights from LAS to New York are probably $2,000.

  2. desertgi says:

    Confused about which airport you are using to take off to NYC. In your title it seems to be LA. However, in the message it looks like Las Vegas.
    It really depends on the airport. Some of them close down at about 10pm or so and you wouldn’t be allowed back through security to sleep at the next gate. I know parts of the Las Vegas airport (restaurants and stores) close down. The Oakland, CA Airport closed down completely. We ended up having to sleep on cold hard benches outside of security. I will NEVER sleep at an airport again.
    If you try to get a hotel in LA they are all going to be over $150 for the night; even the one and two star ones. Plus you are only going to be at the hotel for a few hours. You might be able to get a good hotel deal in Las Vegas, IF you don’t book it at the last minute. Some budget hotels to concider are Flamingo, The Quad, Bally’s, Harrah’s, and the Luxor.
    Figure that which ever airport you are at that you will be there until about 12am. It takes time to get off the plane, navigate throug the airport, and then get your luggage. Then it will also take time to get to where you are going in the city.

  3. bananano says:

    Travel to from airport would be hour each way and going thru security. You do NOT have time to enjoy Vegas and shows will be over by the time you can get to a hotel casino!
    Why not check about spending at least one night stop over in Vegas or otherwise go directly to NY

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