Asking For A Raise At Work?

Hey I’ve been working at the same place for two years now in direct sales and about six months ago I went from straight commission doing sales demos to doing the recruiting and training for a salary plus commission. The guy who was in my position before me was top in his field and had been with the company for about ten years. When he left due to him getting married and relocating they asked me if I wanted to take over his position. I know the salary he had been making was twice what they hired me on for however I had ZERO experience in the position at that time. Now I’ve been doing well at the job for a little over six months and I’m a top performer in the division. I’ve received several awards and all. My boss doesn’t know that I know what the guy before me was making. Also I promised the guy I wouldn’t tell my boss that he had told me his salary. The guy has since returned to the company only working now at a different office so I don’t want to break his trust. I do feel that I’ve been performing well and I’m way past the point of proving that I can both handle and excel at the new position. So when is the best time/way to approach asking for an increase in salary?

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  1. Bill says:

    Usually your work performance is reviewed annually and if the company is doing well they offer raises. Since you indicate you are a top performer, you should receive some additional compensation but do not expect to earn the same as your predessesor who had 10 years on the job. Good Luck

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