At Your Own Risk – 10 Countries Travel insurance will not be able to help you

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office presents a comprehensive list of countries shoulds not be completely Traveled to regularly and it is our That, and global travel insurance providers –Other ‘private insurers qui countries travel insurance shoulds be provided. We look at the government travel advice and decide from that whether or not we can assurance to travelers.

ALTHOUGH comprehensive travel insurance Does, by nature ICT majorité the cover of the world, the current climate ensures that there are some places where the risk of incidents means clustering That traveling British insurers are unable to provide protection . Fortunately, the list is clear from the popular holiday destinations of majorité, and you’re likely to have affected your great vacation shots. The most likely group to change their travel plans by foreign office advice are business travelers

Foreign Office advice not to travel to these countries, even if it means losing business clustering -. The risk of Warzones below is just too big to make the reward worth the risk

Here’s our top 10 countries to avoid traveling to, and the reasons for the high risk factor! The risk is far from conclusive (travel advice from the Foreign Office gives many more countries) aimed at me, thesis are those who shun all travelers shoulds like the plague:

10) [1.99901 million] Liberia

Economic hardship in Liberia is making outbreaks of violence currently common, and foreigners (especially westerners) are at risk targets due to their wealth. This extra risk of incidents ensures that no UK travel insurance provider offers Would you like to cover the risk if you choose to Liberia

9) [1.99901 million] Nepal

Occasionally actions terrorism and to make political visits Violence in Nepal’s urban areas off-limits to those who want to take out travel insurance. In September this year, three almost simultaneous bombs went off in the capital Kathmandu, killing 3 and injuring many innocent bystanders.

8) [1.99901 million] Haiti

Haiti is considered off limits for many travelers due to the high risk of kidnappings and civil unrest that is prominent. At the time of writing there-have-been 12 kidnappings of American travelers in 2007 – mostly criminal in kind. In the past, kidnappings thesis-have ended in physical and sexual violence and shootings. The potential for spontaneous protests and demonstrations HAS aussi beens known to result in unexpected violence, day or night. It’s no surprise advice que le government is not to travel here!

7) [1.99901 million] Yemen

Because of the high levels of terrorist activity in Yemen, westerners are advised to steer clear of Yemen. If this is not possible, all travelers are encouraged to remain vigilant and to keep a low profile to avoid attacks or kidnappings. The situation is so serious que la US Embassy restricted American Citoyens Often a number of hotels, restaurants and shops.

6) [1.99901 million] Israel

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank seen massive violence in recent months entre Israeli and Palestinian factions, and shootings, kidnappings and violent demonstrations-occurred in each. Continuing instability of the area makes travel to Israel strongly recommended against – the risk of abduction or worse makes travel insurance does not Obtenir

5) [1.99901 million] Democratic Republic of Congo

The . Democratic Republic of Congo remains one of the most dangerous places to travel in Africa, where violence, neglect and corruption has left the country clearly damaged. Fighting erupted in the streets of Kinshasa in March this year, and the volatile situation, despite the immediate threat of violence remains calm. Travel outside Kinshasa is struggling with safety and dangerous, especially in the north and easy, being white unstable. Any traveler brave enough to travel to Congo shoulds be extremely careful, avoid the North Kivu district qui is the setting for an armed conflict entre government troops and rebel forces, to avoid crowds and keep a close eye on the local media.

4) [1.99901 million] Burma (Myanmar)

While human situations Rights Makes Myanmar Ethical year uncomfortable place to visit, this time there is a lot of personal risks involved too. The entire month of September, the anti-government protests led to a violent crackdown by autorités and made international headlines. Although the dusk-til-dawn curfew in Imposed reviews some of the towns Lifted has-been, it remains an uncertain time to visit the country and you’re unlikely to Any comprehensive travel insurance company who will insure you.

3) [1.99901 million] Colombia

Colombia remains one of the most dangerous places to travel to in the world thanks to the crime suffer the country. The illegal drug trade in urban areas, such as in Cali and Buenaventura means clustering That there is a high risk often of violence, while more rural areas expose visitors to the country at risk of narco-terrorist groups often Who will abduct for ransom Civilians to use gold to win media attention. Of course, traveling British insurance companies are loathe to insure travelers who choose to ignore dissertation warning and travel to Colombia anyway.

2) [1.99901 million] Afghanistan

With the war against terrorism in Afghanistan still fresh in mind, it is no surprise que la land remains a big no-go area. Western tourists are obvious kidnap and murder targets, as many of the disbanded Taliban and Al-Qaeda power remain large and hostile to the regieme. Moreover, the country remains unsafe due to tribal groups, explosives, land mines, military operations and acts of terrorism. As expected, the government’s advice to avoid traveling here at all!

1) [1.99901 million] Iraq

Given the high profile nature of western kidnappings by various insurgent groups, and ordinary acts of terrorism and hostility to Western troops, it is no surprise that there are no insurance companies to insure travelers to the troubled country. The instability caused by various groups – diet Ba’athist remnants, transnational terrorists and criminal-have-are familiar elements to attack convoys en route to hotels, restaurants, checkpoints and police stations come

While holidaymakers are unlikely. are influenced by thesis less touristy locations, their riskiness means clustering That business-need to abandon their travel insurance if they are not able to cancel their trips.

Source by Patrick Chong

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