At&t Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket?

I was looking on the AT&T website just a few days ago, and I saw an ad on the site for the Samsung Galaxy s2 Skyrocket, which I’ve been eyeing for the past month. I was waiting for the price to drop, with the Christmas sales all over the place. And it did! The ad said with a 2 year contract, the Skyrocket was only 1 cent! So i clicked the ad, only to be redirected to the list of Samsung smartphones they have, all except the Skyrocket. I thought it was just a tech issue, so I tried from my laptop. Same thing. It appears they don’t sell it anymore on AT&T and I’m sad.. 🙁 Why would they take it out of the online market if it’s part of the Galaxy S family? It’s a pretty popular phone! I was really looking forward to buying it, what happened to it?

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