Ballet Shoes Questions?

Hello! 🙂 I’ve been taking ballet for about a year now, and am switching to a new studio that has better ballet classes. I’m thinking about getting new ballet slippers, as I’ll need new ones pretty soon. I still want full sole leathers, because I’m not advanced yet and my feet still need strengthening. But, if I can, I want to get ones that have the elastic come separately, so that I can sew them on in a cross and not just straight across. I’ve heard that crossing the straps helps the shoe hug your foot better. I’m curious as to what some other popular ballet slippers that come like this would be. I couldn’t find any slippers like that that don’t have the elastic pre-attached. I currently wear Blochs basic model, the Dansoft I think, but I’m not sure it fits my foot as well as it could. Have any suggestions of what to try next?
My new studio also wants me to sew ribbons onto my slippers. I don’t know what the benefit to this would be, but that’s what it says on the dress code list. I’ll probably just ask my instructor more about how to sew them, but just to give me an idea, how would you sew ribbons on soft ballet shoes? And how would you tie them?
So to sum it all up, what are some popular ballet brands that offer full sole leather slippers without the elastics attached? What ballet slippers should I try next?
How do you sew ribbons on soft ballet slippers, how do you tie them, and what would the point of having them be (if you know)?
Thanks so much!

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  1. Jenn says:

    The first link is the only shoes I could find that meet that criteria. Another recommendation would be to just buy the shoes you want in a reputable brand (Capezio, Sansha) even if they have the elastic attached and then cut it off so you can sew elastic how you would wish. The second link is all of Discount Dance Supply’s leather shoes to look at. If you are having trouble fitting them, going to a dancewear store to try them on first would be a good idea.
    I imagine sewing ribbons onto slippers would be very similar to doing so with pointe shoes although I have never been required to do so. See the third link for some help. I would definitely ask the instructor for more information regarding this because someone really ought to show you the first time you sew and tie ribbons so you do them correctly. At the wrong angle they won’t lay correctly across your foot.
    As for why you would need ribbons on slippers, the only reason I can think of is aesthetics (the look). Growing up we would deshank (take the hard sole out) of our old pointe shoes to wear for barre work and I have a feeling it’s a similar concept. And yet another thing I would discuss with the instructor. While Yahoo answers is a great starting point, there is no substitute for speaking with the person who will be personally guiding you through your training so don’t be afraid to ask them.
    Best wishes and happy dancing!

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