Banned from ALL Marks & Spencer?

My friend has gotten her self in a situation where she has been banned from ALL Marks and Spencer stores, so my question is…….Will they circulate her photo to all the other Marks and Spencer stores so they know what she looks like

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13 Responses to “Banned from ALL Marks & Spencer?”

  1. Cyrus M says:

    potentially yes. but realistically and logistically it all sounds like a load of bollox. M&S are not that organised.

  2. Chanteuse_ar says:

    That is usually what chain stores do when they have banned someone, yes.

  3. bob k says:

    Yes, exactly, and code her name into their computers and diligently watch for her.

    AND if she insists on "playing the game" to find out she WILL be arrested for trespass and likly what ever caused her ban in the first place.

  4. New Me says:

    Will be pinned up on the office wall along with all the other undesirables

  5. Gravy says:

    Not likely, but if she’s a thief, she has no business being there and should respect the store’s wishes.

  6. Bludnut says:

    M & S is an absolute rip off…if u and your friend are mug enough to shop there then M & S are doing your friend a favour

  7. sandtwixtoes says:

    try it and see

  8. Adam B says:

    have u not asked this already????

    her photo will probably be circulated or a description, and y not? the only reason for a shop to do this is shoplifting.

  9. colin g says:

    and with luck many more stores

  10. joan k says:

    Yes her photo will be circulated and no doubt will be passed to other chain stores. They tip each other off.

  11. fish says:

    Bob K – trespass is a non arrestable offence as it is a civil matter not a criminal one.
    The logistics and cost involved in monitoring a ban outweighs the offence. M & S wont do anything.

  12. overnight celebrity says:

    Yes they will. And if the M&S stores are within shopping centres, the CCTV room will also have her ‘photo.

  13. robert c says:


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