Bargain basic, or all out luxury?

which type of holiday do you prefer?

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11 Responses to “Bargain basic, or all out luxury?”

  1. sage seeker says:

    Luxury at bargain prices

  2. ♥ღ.: NevaeH :.ღ♥ says:

    Luxury, everything!

  3. Lighthouse 002 says:

    Luxary all the way..its a holiday…

  4. Salem The Cat (From Sabrina!) says:

    Bargain basic
    as for the holiday… halloween!

  5. uncle billy says:

    luxury, top shelf all the way baby ♫

  6. NoxecA says:

    I just want to rest my soul

  7. Clive says:

    For a proper holiday, luxury or none at all.
    When travelling to competitions (leisure rather than holiday), I have occasionally put up with sub standard accommodation.

  8. missyb says:

    i prefer luxury but mostly can only afford bargain now-a-days

  9. Athene1710 says:

    I had a fantastic holiday staying in a youth hostel in Newcastle and travelling around on the change. I think I spent a grand total of £200 for accommodation, travel, food and pressies and had a great time. That said, if I had the chance to go out for a diving holiday off my own private island in the Caribbean I certainly wouldn’t turn it down.
    I think it depends on your state of mind. If you’re determined to have fun, you can enjoy yourself anywhere.

  10. Cubalishus says:

    We have spent all our married life doing bargain basic but since paying our mortgage off 2 years ago its been luxury all the way and its definitely been worth waiting for too.

  11. nicemanvery says:

    Holiday ? whats that !!

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