bargain or not a bargain?

meal for two from tandoori
chicken ticka
chicken madrass
pilau rice
vegtable baji
keema nan bread
onion baji
side salad

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6 Responses to “bargain or not a bargain?”

  1. florina says:


  2. Better than Lita!!! says:

    sounds like a great bargain to me

  3. lee says:

    yes….good deal, but at that price, is the stuff real?

  4. Bolt Thrower says:


  5. A Bubbling Pot of Evil and Hate says:

    Sounds nice. By the time you’ve added a couple of pints each you’ll be looking at the other side of 20 notes.

  6. Frankie Le B'stard says:

    Yes dude……include me on the deal…’s my 4.47 1/2 p.

    KFC closed.

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