Bass Heavy Earphones?

i already have jvc xtreme xplosives headphones but these are massive and look stupid on my head so i wanted some budget earphones, the max i’l pay is £15 (25 dowlars lol), as i only want them for the walk to school and back and i already have heaphones, gotta be bass heavy as i like dubstep, drumstep, dnb etc
i have looked at the jvc xtreme xplosives ha-fx1x earphones + they come with a case so they don’t get damaged:…
if anyone can reccomend a better set of earbuds that are bassy at this prce point, i don’t think there is any

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2 Responses to “Bass Heavy Earphones?”

  1. Jesus says:

    Look up the brand skullhead

  2. romina says:

    right now that im writing to u im using bass earphone and thats good and not expensive

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