Bath Rugs: Why You Should Use Rugs In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is not only a functional space, it is also a place where we spend a lot of time creating a relaxing atmosphere in which we have to deal why we enjoy the bubbles or have a long relaxing shower to relax from our busy day. Candles, decor, and floors all play an important role in creating the atmosphere. Here’s why you should use bath mats in your bathroom.

Change the color

If you are tired of the look of your bathroom and you want to help can use a make over your bath mats. If your walls a neutral color are your task is simple. Choose rugs that fit your new color scheme, buy some complimenting towels and accessories and in less than $ 150.00 your bathroom will have a whole new look. You can even full sets in your local stores that come with everything to complete your entire bathroom.

Make your bathroom cozy

Most bathrooms have either linoleum or tiled floors which can look very good but cold can in the foot. A bit of a shock after crawling out of the bath or shower. Rugs can be strategically placed in front of the tub or shower and compliment the existing floor, while providing a warm and soft for your feet.

Change the look

Upgrading your bathroom or turn it into an ancient port. You can do a complete character change. Choose rugs that a fun and funky or traditional Victorian for your room. Make a few other small changes in your home and for under a $ 180.00 your bathroom can be a total makeover. With the exception of the purchase of a claw foot tub or jet spray tub.

Create a safer floor

Bathroom floors can be slippery when wet. Bath mats can provide a level of safety when stepping out of the bath or shower, while at the same time play an important role in your room decor.

A Spa At Home

Calgon take me a way. We have all seen those commercials where a woman is relaxing in her spa bath, while the cares of the day disappear. Why not transform your bathroom into a luxury spa where you can get away from everything. Imagine that deep plush pile bath rug in a rich jewel color, burn scented candles, dim lights, soft music while you enjoy your days worries away in your favorite scent. Under $ 75.00 and your room will be made over.

Fun for the kids

Is it getting the kids to brush their teeth, wash, or have a bath a chore. They constantly fight you because there are other things they’d rather do? Make your child ‘bathroom a fun place to visit. Decorate with bath rugs of their favorite characters, add a matching shower curtain, some toothbrushes and cups. You can even buy soaps that follow the theme. The only fight you’ll have now is that first gets the bathroom on your hands. Under $ 75.00 and you get a child-friendly bathroom.

The important thing to remember when choosing a bath rug is that your bathroom deserves the same attention you would give to another room in your home. Start by deciding what you want to achieve in your bathroom, choose colors, and go shopping for the right bath carpet.

Think outside the box, try not to choose those traditional rugs everyone sell. Rather try something else like a woven carpet, sisal carpet, or an oriental rug.

Of course, there are few things that are important for keeping rugs cleaned up and looking fresh and new. Be sure to wash them regularly and do not choose carpets are susceptible to mold because of the high moisture content in a bathroom. Make sure the rug you choose has dyes that are firmly set. A rubber support is great to rot and prevent slipping. But remember a rubber backing will be ruined by the dryer so you need to hang to dry. If the carpet does not have a rubber backing, you can easily attach a piece and the advantage is that it can be removed when you wash it.

Bath rugs are an affordable way to give your entire bathroom a face lift. Just add a few accessories and everyone will think you’ve worked hard!

Source by John Murray

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