Be Honest-is This Normal Behavior In People?

*Is this how they act?* and I only put this in this category for more answers
My co-worker (not so much friend-I put it here for the heck of it) and I hardly see each other.
– He wondered why I don’t acknowledge his existence IN THE MIDDLE of a convo and how he ALWAYS has to say hi first.Then he asked me if I think he’s creepy or intimidating (it’s true I don’t always say hi, but I am like this towards most people). Sometimes I don’t say hi because I’m in a bad mood.
– We talk here and there but not much. He also used to be very caring-like watching out for me to not slip or get in trouble, etc. Sometimes when I DO say hi he’s a little cold in his greeting. But when I take time to talk to him he greets me much more happily the next time.
Btw, he’s a HUGE gentleman and is VERY sensitive to my feelings and VERY considerate. I remember he used to be caring and said things like “I don’t want you to slip, ” or “get in trouble” and give me discounts on certain things ’cause he knew I was poor.

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One Response to “Be Honest-is This Normal Behavior In People?”

  1. Metal Craze says:

    He sounds like he’s just socially awkward.
    Just overlook it and he will ease up.

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