Beats By Dre At Huge Discount Or Something Else?

So my friend gets beats straight from a factory in shipments because his neighbor is a friend with the manager. His neighbor will sell them super cheap to him and he’ll sell them for a bit more, but not nearly as much as retail beats go. For example he sells solos for 100, studios for 175, and pros for 210. He callsinto customer service to make sure they’re really real and they are(he has a set of detoxs himself). But I hear about these audio-technicas and seiheissers that sound better at even cheaper prices. I only care about sound quality, the artificial image that beats give also turns me off. I was interested with the pros at 210, but I see these other top-notch headphones go for 140. and they aren’t going to make me look like a douche(not everyone with beats is a douche but it really has that stereotype). Which ones sound better and in the end what’s the better value?

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2 Responses to “Beats By Dre At Huge Discount Or Something Else?”

  1. loading. says:

    you can get all that sh*t in china for way cheap.
    my uncle got some PERFECTLY WORKING beats solo wireless when he was there for $75

  2. Underground Soldier says:

    You got it; Beats are typically muddy sounding compared to brands such as Sennheisers. Beats are just overpriced fashion accessories and they make you look like a douche (at least to most people knowledgeable in headphone quality) because you would spend so two hundred dollars or so for a pair of headphones with a sound quality that of a thirty to fifty dollar pair. In the end, you are just paying for the black man’s name stamped on a piece of plastic.

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