Beds Discount Code – Credit Crunch?

i have been given a discount code for kdbeds, it will give you a 5% discount on any item on there site, would anyone else like the code?
Yes we do, we currently has a 50% off memory foam mattresses, the discount code is megasale1, but there is a 5% discount code which is kdb01 which gives a 5% discount on everything on there site.

thanks for the note on the affiliate, how do i make money from these?

i dont work for kd, i have just been given the codes

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One Response to “Beds Discount Code – Credit Crunch?”

  1. Julian B says:

    yes please

    do you have an affiliate scheme? this is a great way to get others promoting your items.

    can you list some codes?

    I am looking for a memory foam mattress

    I have just searched on the net and there is already a discount scheme with affiliate future. If you click this link it will take you to the sign up.
    If yousign up as an affiliate you can recruit affiliates underneath you and make money off the ones you recruit too.

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