Beginner Canon For Photography?

The pawn shop has a Canon rebel ESO rebel XS for $249 is that a good deal?
What are some good questions I can ask the sales woman?

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One Response to “Beginner Canon For Photography?”

  1. Vivian says:

    Yeah that’s a good deal. New would probably be like 500$. Anyway, this model is no longer produced. Just put a memory card in and make sure it can record pictures. Make sure the shutter works whether it is fast or slow. Make sure there isn’t any moldy looking things inside (or spots or fingerprints). Try to see how many shutter actuations have been fired. (How many times has that shutter gone up and down: if it is above 50,000: it’s hard to say how long the camera is going to last: some cameras surprise you with the amount of time they last).
    You could ask those above: maybe if it was preowned? Refurbished? New?
    Good luck!

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