Best Answer Gets 10 Points!!!?

(1) A $25 sweater is 20% off. The sales discount is $5. What is the sale price?
(2) A furniture store buys a table at a wholesale price of $50. Their markup on the price is 80%. Adding the store’s wholesale price to the markup, what is the retail price of the table?
(3) Jorge buys $45 worth of office supplies. He uses a 15% off coupon. What will be the new price after using the coupon?
(4) Daniela buys a book that is $15. She has to pay 8% sales tax. What is the total cost of the book?
(5) Adita buys a $22 t-shirt that is 40% off and a $12 pair of shorts that is 25% off. What is the total cost for the two items?
(6) Isabel buys a $60 pair of shoes that are on sale for 15% off. There is 5% sales tax on the shoes. What is the total cost of the shoes?

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One Response to “Best Answer Gets 10 Points!!!?”

  1. Caroline says:

    1. 20$
    2. 90$
    3. 38.25$
    4. 16.20$
    5. 22.20$
    6. 53.55$

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