best bargain you ever acquired?

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24 Responses to “best bargain you ever acquired?”

  1. welshpikeymick says:

    I once bought a Nissan ZX Turbo from this guy. I asked him how much you want ? he said "make me an offer ". I told him I would probably insult him if I did, but he said " try me"
    I offered him £150, but he said £50, and a bag of cheeba !
    We had to hit the brakes with a hammer to get it off his drive where it had been stood, but I got 130 MPH out of it on the way home.
    I also bought a showmans caravan, covered in chrome, with cut glass mirror work inside and a parquet floor for £120.

    Bargain !

  2. glowstickhearts says:

    I got a really good pair of jeans for $2.50.

  3. parker says:

    item of clothing

  4. kaytee3212 says:

    I went to a sale at a thrift store and found $20 in a pair of jeans I paid $1 for! It was AWESOME!!

  5. 80's ROCK BABE says:

    I got a new couch for 10.00 at a auction..

  6. Haleysaurus says:

    channel sunglasses(yes they are real)for 30 bucks at vintage store

  7. tikiman_154 says:

    sega dreamcast for two dollars

  8. Wysteria(wants her avatar back) says:

    I bought a Liz Claiborne cashmere sweater for $2 at Goodwill. It still had the original tags on it. I was a happy camper. lol

  9. Spacephantom says:

    I got the DVD of "The Shawshank Redemption" on special offer from HMV for £1.50.

  10. Scotty C says:

    I bought a car for $350.

  11. Juan mym says:

    my work truck i buyed for 5000 bucks 2 years ago and its a 2002 nissan frontier very clean and king cab

  12. susieq says:

    $5 I bet a stranger that I was older than him…I lost and we’ve been together for years now!

  13. JUST ME says:

    i bought a pair of jeans at a yard sale for 1.00 and got home and tried them on and found 50.00 in the pocket….

  14. *Jelly Baby* says:

    I got a week in ayja napa with accommodation in a prime location for £120! I had a brillant time

  15. Tru Warior says:

    Ken Griffey Jr rookie card..Topps autographed card, i found it at a lawn sale for 1 dollar, and also i got a mark maguire signed teddy bear celebrating 70 home runs for 5 dollars.

  16. Cupid Stunt says:

    A barbecued chicken that had to be eaten that day. 10 mins before the store closed for a tenth of the actual price.

  17. S.B. Noone says:

    free stay in a penthouse suite while on vacation
    It was 2400 sq. ft. of lavish bliss
    (normally $4500/night)

  18. Anon e Mouse says:

    My last TV. It was on sale, then another % off because of a Holiday sale, then I had $30 off in store promo coupons, plus I had a coupon for $$ off my next purchase.

  19. simplesimon says:

    My new Dell computer at the price of only $ 400.00 plus shipping. It is not re-manufactured.

  20. sapo591 says:

    an original Shirley Temple doll in the box.

  21. cubalishus says:

    Two x three seater leather sofas in the sale Christmas 05, knocked down from £1.500 each to £299 each, love them, so comfy and the best bargain ever.

  22. Gatsheni says:

    I intended to purchase a R300 suit coat for which I was R150 short and I presumed for a critical occasion (matric dance), just on the day of the dance(took place in the night). The salesmen were very moved and borrowed me a laybyed coat (it already had an owner) of my choice(colour) and strained me at least to purchase anything from their company of the amount I handled. To me this was a bail from jail, because all my colleagues were going to scorn me ifever I would have missed attendance, so I paid absolutely nothing for a special occassion coat from people who were of no relation with me.

  23. k_stand_ken says:

    I bought a suit in the sale at Moss Bros (very upmarket gent’s tailor and oufitter in Britain). Paid only £72 = approx 150 US dollars including having an alteration. Shortly after the same suit was being sold at £325 (650 US dollars).

  24. Falco says:

    These weren’t exactly bargains, but I used to "blag" performance cars from the manufacturers. Was a journalist, and told them I wouldn’t really write anything about the cars, but I’d still like to "get the feel of them". Drove a couple of Jaguars – XJR and XKR, a Subaru Impreza, and a Porsche Boxster this way for absolutely free, as well as an endless parade of other, more ordinary cars…

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