Best bargain??

Was just wondering what great bargains people have found, what was it, where from and how much???

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3 Responses to “Best bargain??”

  1. mike l says:

    My best bargain I found is. when I am painting new dry wall and a large room I buy Miss tints from paint stores. Sherwin Williams has them. I pay $2.00 a gallon. I mix them together IF I am painting a large room. Then I paint with the color that I really like.
    My next suggestion is If I need fertilizer, top soil, or mulch I buy broken bags at the home depot. If I need allot I ask how much for the whole lot.

  2. BIG D says:

    sorry, but I had to shout !!!

  3. ANDY says:

    not telling you lot. you’ll push the prices up if you all turn up.

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