Best Bargains?

I have a long list of clothes and make up I want to buy, anyone know any great shops where I can buy any of the following:
*Casua; Dress
*Nice Short Skirt
*GEneral makeup — mascara, liquid eyeliner etc.
*Hot pants/short shorts
*etc. etc.

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6 Responses to “Best Bargains?”

  1. tam0381 says:

    Without knowing you style,age. budget or any other information it makes it kind of difficult. Charlotte Russe if very popular in Chicago and bargain priced.

    Casual dresses

    Nice Short skirt

    Pumps : HOT !


    A classic:

    Makeup : You can also get a free sample of all of the makeup before you buy

    Hot Pants:

    Good Luck !

  2. sassy says:


    Best bargains are there

  3. duality_bayside says:

    american apparel
    sephora(or ulta if you’re on a budget)

  4. Gabbiie L says:

    Primark && For Makeup
    Boots Or Somethiing like Superdrug ECT….

  5. Koter Boters says:


  6. ludwigapps says:

    You can find a new bargain deal resource for Ireland @

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