Best Bmx Out Of The List? Uk?

I’m not after a expensive one as you can see, I’m after the best brand and most durable Bmx from the list.
Some people might say cheap ones aren’t durable and so on but I brought one of these >> (… ) For £45 two years ago and looked after it well and did a little bit of customising on it and its still amazing condition!
So anyway I’m after a change now and I’ve looked through a load of bmx’s and found a couple of nice ones, but which one is the most durable and easy to ride?… – Black framed Mafia-The kush 2… – Blue And black Ruption bike – Blue Fiction myth… – Blue and black Scorpion rupture
If you know of other bmx’s cheap (Under £170) and durable please pass on a link to me 🙂
(I will NOT be jumping ramps with my bike, I might however jump up the kerbs, go up and down big hills and i will be riding down bumpy roads as I’m out riding long distances)
(For all the Trolls) – No, I will not Get in the kitchen. Thank you 🙂

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One Response to “Best Bmx Out Of The List? Uk?”

  1. Cameron says:

    ok all of these bikes are crap and about the same, just get what one you like the most.

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