Best Buy Raise Question (employees Only Please)?

So this month I’m coming up on my 6th month working at best buy as a PCHO sales assistant part time, I started a little rough. When I say that I mean my numbers where the worst, bottom of the department. But after 3 or 4 months I finally got my head on straight and started trying, now I’m going for full time. I’m supposed to have the interview sometime this week with my main manager, mind you, my numbers have greatly improved top of the department and getting compliments about how hard I work by all my managers like no other, so since iv only been their a half year, is there any chance for a raise? I get paid 9 at the moment, but when I started I was living with my mom. Now I have bills and whatnot and I want to go to school soon, do I have any chance at getting the raise. Or would I just be wasting my managers time and making a fool out of myself for only being there 6 months. Again please only answers from current or past best buy employees, would be greatly appreciated!!

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