Best Cities For An Acting Career?

I want mid-level cities.. not like LA or NYC that are dog-eat-dog non stop (if you get what I mean?)
Here are a few cities I have in mind… Tell me what you think is the best.
Houston, Texas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Detroit, Michigan
Balitmore, Maryland
Boston, Mass
For the first 2-3 years of my career (classes, resume building and getting my vouchers for joining the union) I want to stay on the East/SE side of America but then I will move to LA.
1) What city is best (suggestions?)
2) How does my plan sound?

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4 Responses to “Best Cities For An Acting Career?”

  1. Andrea says:

    Detroit and Baltimore sound nice. And anything planned is deemed to result in success.

  2. chef-de- says:

    It is a very good plan. It shows you have thought through what you want to do and how to achieve your aim.
    Perhaps these links will help you further:

  3. Emma says:

    Try Chicago

  4. Joan (fa-bu-lous) says:

    Agree with the above answer
    A lot of people aren’t aware of chicago’s theater company.
    Not only do we have big theater company, i.e. Goodman or Steppenwolf/ or Shakespeare festival, we also have many small theater company such as Profiles theater, Artistic home, etc etc.
    We also have many acting classes here in the city, just to name a few companys that hold classes
    Acting studio chicago
    Profiles theater
    Black Box
    Green shirt Studio
    Artistic Home
    Our shows are really awesome and accessible, you buy tickets to theater for only $10 depending on where you go. Contrary to belief, there are many jobs available, especially this season, oh and di I mention a studio is about 400 a month all utilities included depending on where you look.
    I hope I convinced you about chicago! Please email if you have any questions

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