Best Option For Indoor Outdoor Rug? Try Canvas Floor Cloths

Canvas rugs have been around since, well, the sixteen hundreds! Back then they were more utilitarian than decorative, and referred to as crumb catchers placed under the dining table. Today, canvas rugs, or floor cloths, have resurfaced (excuse the pun) but with more diversity; used as an indoor outdoor rug they are excellent for the kitchen, upon an entry way, on the deck, patio or around the pool.

What makes a floor cloth made of canvas ideal as an indoor outdoor rug? Actually, there are quite a few reasons:

– A canvas area rug can be made to incorporate any theme, color or design reflecting your home or business.
– Custom canvas floor cloths are quite affordable and they really add something a special design feature to any room or area.
– Maintaining a canvas area rug is quite easy; a simple wet mop or wipe cleans any surface dirt. If they become wet, from say, pool water, simply air dry.

The best placement for indoor outdoor canvas floor cloths is on a hard surface such as wood flooring, stone, tile, and cement. The reason has to do with punctures that can occur when if placed on a soft (for example atop a wall to wall carpet) or an uneven surface by that of dog nails or sharp heeled shoes.

When considering an indoor outdoor rug of canvas , there are a couple of things you want to check are part of the manufacturing process:

First, make sure the material is that of a heavier weight canvas material.

Second, request or inquire that the border is sewn with a hem and mitered corners. If a round rug is preferred, it is best to utilize an octagonal design for a flat and smooth surface.

Third, a canvas indoor outdoor rug should have a varnish coating; this ensures easier maintenance and protection of the hand-painted design.

Fourth and finally, when placing the rug to ensure against slippage, use a soft putty adhesive that can easily be removed.

If you work with an interior designer, they can help locate an artist specializing in hand painted floor cloths. And remember, you can create anything you or your designer chooses. The use of canvas floor cloths as an indoor outdoor rug is not relegated only to early Americana design. So let the imagination soar!

Source by Laurel Anderson

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