Best – post paid mobile (UK)deal?

I am thinking of taking a post paid connection. Which offers the best deal and how much does it cost?

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  1. alexi r says:

    You mean a contract phone rather than Pay as You Go?

    It sounds like you are new to contracts so if you are testing the water as to whether its a good deal for you, the best thing is not to get tied into too long a deal. Many providers try to push 18 months contracts to lock you in.

    Three are offering a special 6 month only contract and the best one is for £15 a month. You get the choice of a couple of handsets (I took the Nokia 3120c) including a Skype phone, which allows free Skype calls. You get 300 mins/texts per month plus another 300 mins to other Three customers.

    After 6 months if you don’t want to stay on contract you can switch to PaYG and keep the number.

    If you go to Three from the ‘refer a friend’ link below click on Special Offers and get one of the deals mentioned, you’ll get a £30 credit added to your account after it opens, so infact the 6 month contract will only have cost £60.

    Also when you get to check out try entering HS20080831 its a discount voucher for free accessories which may still be valid

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