best sites for bargain dvd movies?

im looking for best prices on dvd movies originals not torrents ebay or limewire etc. i only want 1 copy of the film so no wholesale sites either please
to buy yes
im in the uk but can play on any region

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9 Responses to “best sites for bargain dvd movies?”

  1. puppylove says:

    im always buying dvds on the internet i use
    if you google discount codes you can get money off these websites as well.
    hope this helps.

  2. Uncle Enoch says:!! free delivery on everything

  3. fliprevers3 says:

    Which country are you buying from?

  4. Captain_DuMont says: sometimes has great sales, But has a great legal selection of movies at a cheap price.

  5. rose~bud @>--^-- says:

    havent used it myself but my friend swears by

  6. simplygregguk says:

    A good way to get cheap DVD’s is to go to and look at the ‘used and new’ section which is being sold by subsidiaries of Amazon. These prices are generally cheaper than the actual price that amazon is selling the item at.

    For example, i recently got ‘The Green Mile’ on DVD which was being sold for £6.97 by amazon. I managed to get a new version for £2.34 from the subsidiaries!

  7. Ginge says:

    Amazon has a massive range and cheaper than in the shops

  8. Linnax T says:

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