Best Ways To Save Money On Household Bills?

Due to various family illnesses, our family income is greatly reduced and we’re really struggling to pay the bills.
My mum is unable to work and my dad has had to give up his self-employment to care for my terminally ill grandfather, although he hopes he will be elligible for carers allowance. My mum was told because my dad was able to work, she isnt elligible for benefits. Im on minimum wage. My younger brother and dog live with us.
Our mortgage is relatively low compared to everyone else (small borrowed amount but high interest with 20 years left – the only mortgage we qualified for). We fell behind but are paying slightly more each month now to catch up. We don’t qualify for council tax discounts.
We are on the lowest energy rate we can find and have a device that shows how much we pay £/hr on energy so we know what we’re using. We’re vigilant about turning off anything not in use and only heat the house as a last resort.
We pay for internet as I study full time (distance study) as well as work full time. I need to participate in online tutorials, but the library is not open at the right times. All of my family and friends within free travelling distance have already given up the internet as they can’t afford it. It costs less to pay for the internet than it would cost to travel back and forth 4 times a week to the people whose internet I could use. We have TV but have gone to the lowest channel allowance. My study fees are paid in full by the university
We have no savings so ISA interest doesn’t apply. We do not have any subscriptions like the gym, magazines, or insurance other than for the car. We don’t eat out, get takeaways, go to the cinema, go to the pub or go on days out.
Our car is owned outright. My family have mobility issues so we really do need the car, especially for all of our medical treatments (between us we attend 10 clinics for health issues). We empty the car of anything not needed to try and reduce petrol waste. The family illnesses make our insurance sky high even after comparing them all.
We plan our meals week to week and stick to it. I eat packed lunches at work and same for my brother at school. I take the bus to work but I get a monthly bus pass and my brother walks to school.
At the moment I am supporting five people on minimum wage and working tax credit. Our house is two small for my grandfather to live here, though his bills are quite small (he gets a lot free and barely eats).
I sell our old stuff on ebay, and buy replacement clothes from discount shops. It cuts an £80 a month bill down to £30
I’m not sure what else I can cut back on, because apart from a tv service, we don’t get anything we don’t need. The CSA were not much help; my dad is on a debt consolidation programme from years ago which was the only thing they suggested we do. I cannot get paid overtime at work. My brother got himself a paper round so he could buy himself things like juice or extra food.
Given we have cut way back on things like energy usage, food and heating, don’t qualify for a better mortgage, don’t spend money on entertainment beyond tv, don’t drink or smoke, and don’t yet get carers allowance for my grandfather – what other options are there to cut bills? Is there anything else we can apply for?
I would really appreciate any genuine advice.

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2 Responses to “Best Ways To Save Money On Household Bills?”

  1. Fie says:

    wow seems like you guys are having a tough time.
    i don’t know in what country you are in, but there might be some help at getting coupons and free stuff from the internet..
    you can also make some money on the internet, not that it is fast at all, but you can check out the link if interested.. 🙂 I hope the best 4 u guys

  2. Josephin says:

    Firstly if your Dad is eligible for Carer’s Allowance and your Mum and Dad have no other income he can apply for Income Support. She will then be eligible for ESA (sickness benefit) because he is then unable to work. They need to speak to the Jobcentre as they may have to make a joint claim to one or the other.
    Your Mum can see if she’s eligible for DLA if she is unable to work and needs care or has mobility problems.
    Your parents may not qualifiy for Council Tax Discounts because they don’t live alone etc. but they should now be eligible for Council Tax Benefit to cover the cost of a 1-bed flat or bigger if they have kids under 18.
    Good on the energy front, it’s expensive but there’s no choice except lots and lots of blankets but that’s not a way to go on long term.
    Try cutting out the TV when your contract is up and just use Freeview, THAT is the lowest number of channels! It may still be cheaper to stay with having the TV but it should onlyr eally cost about £15pcm at most for internet and phone only now and Virgin is usually at least £35pcm.
    If you’re in the UK you shouldn’t be paying health insurance and you shouldn’t be paying for packed lunches at school as they’re both free on NHS and Free School Meals.
    Honestly there’s not much you can do. Your parent’s need to sort this out more than you do I’m afriad, you takl about the mortgage like it’s your problem but really you’re being held back by it all. I know you want to help but they need to sort their situation out as they’re living off you at the moment. They need to learn to cover their bills on £111pw with HB paying for the rent and Council Tax so just their food, gas and electric pretty much. You can then ocver the internet and TV.

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