Best websites for cheap holiday deals?

Hello, im 23 and i have not been on holiday ever 🙁 and as i have been working hard i thought i would treat myself for abit and go on holiday, but i can’t seem to find any cheap deals. Could you tell me where i could look? i also heard GROUPON do good deals, but maybe there’s hidden charges? Anyone have experience with that site? Hoodaki is cheap too i heard, but as i don’t have experience of travelling i need all your help! i would like to go somewhere in Europe for a start, i also like Tunisia, Morroco, Mauritus for a nice holiday 🙂 i’m thinking of going with my best mate and we would like to bring atleast 2 more friends if possible. Thanks!

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  1. murphywingedspur says:

    Assuming you would be travelling from the U.K;

    Howerver, if you havent travelled before, why not pop into your local travel agents and let them search for something along the lines you are looking for? You don’t have to commit yourself to anything there and then, and you could always go home and search to see if you can get the same holiday at a better price? We did this last year, having called in at a travel agents, we found the hotel we wanted in The Dominican Republic, and we were quoted £1,300 per person. So we went home, and found the same deal online, and got it for £895 per person, and this included travelling first class with Thomas Cook! There are plenty of deals out there at the monment, so you should be able to snap up a bargain.

    Remember to apply for your EHIC card online, or ask for details at your local Post Office ( Don’t be fooled into paying for this card online…it is free of charge!!) This covers you for basic healthcare abroad should you need it. It does NOT cover you for your holiday or lost luggage etc….you must get separate travel insurance for this.

  2. Nick says:

    Assuming you would be travelling from the US

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