Better Deal?

Im a Virgin Mobile customer, and have been for a while. But im a bit sick of it, as i keep having problems with my SIM. I want to switch networks, but dont know which one. I text alot, and have a fairly good deal with Virgin and would like another good one. Can anyone help?

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  1. Patrick S says:

    The question is what network is good for your wallet, remembering that if you cancel contract you must pay the rest of contract upfront. If that doesn’t apply then talk to virgin to say that you are leaving for another network and see what deal they are prepared to offer you. Stick to a budget on the line rental and costs of calls and texts after your free ones are gone. At the moment there are little to choose between the networks so look around. i perfer 3 but that is my opinion.

  2. Tracey J says:

    o2 is good for pay and go.

    if you top up £10 a month you get 300 texts

    £15 you get 500 texts

    £30 unlimited texts

    then out of your credit if you buy O2 friends (think its called that, you would have to check) for £5 you get unlimited calls and texts to other o2 numbers

    if on the other hand you wouldnt mind going on contract then 3 have some great offers

    1. £20 a month 1100units (use to your choice)

    2. £25 a month 500 mins and unlimited texts

    and of course with contract you also get a free phone.

    i am with 3 and have never had any problems

    hope this helps

    Tracey xxx

  3. liverpool221 says:

    O2 is a very good network to go on they have loads of coverage all over the UK

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