Big Major Ideas!!!! Perfect Homecoming?

So my school, doesnt have money to have homecoming at a fancy place so we always held it at the cafeteria, considering the capacity of only 300 students but we exceed that, eventually the home coming decoration committee is only given $100 dollars to spend, and its not enough to buy decorations or anything that will give a wow factor. And every year it sucks, and eventually people get disappointing and end up not wanting to go to any other school party, but i dont want that to happen this year, i want to know what are some ways to get sponsors and or discounts on stores that would be willing to cooperate to make home coming this year the best. usually everything ends up falling apart, because what we use are card board that is recycled, and that does mean digging through the schools trash and since we are a charter school we dont get that much funding for these activities so we always have to do fundraisers, eventually they gave me all the information last minute, and cant afford to do a fundraiser, and need at least less than a week to prepare for home coming. please help!!! i really want for this year to be the best year, since its my last year and its the first time im in charge of an event, but not just that but to get students to have more school spirit and really want to buy more tickets to events to help our school out. Thank you very much and May God bless you. The date for the home comming dance is next Saturday oct 14 and the theme is candy land, did not choose that but we are stuck with it. Thank you so much once again

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  1. John W says:

    Do you see those vending machines selling soda to the kids? Those are from vendors. The school has a lot of vendors that sell them all sorts of things from paper and pins to sports equipment. Track down these vendors and ask for their support. They have a goodwill budget to keep good relations with their customers and you’re their customer. Usually an office would get their Christmas party set up with door prizes from these vendors, when your parents go to their office christmas party and they give away flat panel TV’s and XBoxes, those are all from the vendors. Of course, it’s really too late to do much for Oct. 14, you really need to learn to start earlier. You’ll probably have to get a lot of kids to pitch in. Maybe you can find some LCD projectors, hook them up to computers from the school lab and project images on the walls.

  2. KIRKUK says:

    well basically its a non starter…just write on posters ALL over your school in BIG black letters this: CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST …its simply too late in the day…
    if you and your friends had began to fund raise in April / May then things could have worked out okay…

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