bird sales and auctions?

Hi I am looking for a bird sale or auction within the Devon and Somerset area .

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  1. Sunflower says:

    If you are thinking of buying birds from a sale or auction, i would reconsider. Firstly, breeders send their second-rate birds to sales and always keep the better ones for breeding or private sale. Secondly, sending birds to sales or auctions is hugely traumatic for them, and this is bad on welfare grounds, but also introduces the possibility of their getting infections fom other birds or, dirty cages etc. at the sale. When birds are stressed it depresses their immune systems so they are much more likely to go down with infections they would otherwise have resisted. Lastly, it is sadly, quite common for stolen birds to be passed on through the anonymity of the sale room, and if they are traced to you, you will lose your money and will be guilty of receiving stolen goods, apart from making it easy for thieves to operate.
    If you do buy from such sources you need to quarantine the new birds for at least 2-3 weeks to avoid the chance that they will infect your other stock if healh problems become apparent. Its much better to find a reputable breeder, go along and see the condition of his stock and the standard of his care, so you are more likely to get good birds and also some comeback if things do go wrong. Once bought at a sale, you will get no help or redress if the birds prove to be unhealthy or unsuitable in some other way.

    You didnt say what sort of birds you are afte. If poultry, you could join a poultry forum to get advice and recommendations to good breeders in your area, and help along the way. Try this one for friendly advice.

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