Birth Control Switch?

I’ve been taking Loestrin 24 Fe for a bit over two years now. I used to have really irregular periods, sometimes getting it every other week, so taking these pills perfectly helped in making it regular. I’ve never really had any side effects and I love the pills. My period usually only lasts 3-4 days too! It was just time to do a new prescription for 12 months, however my doctor’s office no longer gives discount cards for Loestrin 24 Fe because they only have it for the new Lo Loestrin to promote it. So….its $80 a pack! There’s no way I’m going to do that. They gave me samples of the new Lo Loestrin, I tried it and it was terrible. So I asked for a generic of what I was taking. They prescribed Microgestin Fe 1/20. I’d like to know your experience and input with these pills, especially if you used to take Loestrin 24 Fe??? What’s the difference? Is it really just like the Loestrin 24 Fe? The Microgestin has a whole week of brown pills, when the Loestrin 24 Fe only had 4. Does this mean my period will be longer too? I’d like to know as much as possible about these pills, please help! I’m starting it on Sunday.

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