Black Ops 2 Pre-order Amazon?

So i preordered the game about 2-3 hours before release date and i chose the 3 to 8 or 3 to 5 shipping thing. Will i get it during thd week or like the next day? Also how will i get the nuketown 2025 map? Is it going to be on the voucher???

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One Response to “Black Ops 2 Pre-order Amazon?”

  1. Dillon says:

    1.) you will receive the game as fast as the can, however since you choose the 3-5 or 3-8 shipping you will have to wait for the people that choose the “express” shipping to get theirs first before the worry about other orders. But trust me Amazon is pretty good and you should get the game fast!
    2.)To get the map, you open your case look towards the manual and its either in front of everything or flip behind the manual & you will find your self i nice little voucher you can use 🙂

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