Black Ops 2 Season Pass?

Hey I’m trying to find out if i buy the season pass on black ops 2 if I will get all the maps free when they come out or do you still have to pay but have a discount thanks

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4 Responses to “Black Ops 2 Season Pass?”

  1. Liam Morris says:

    no you get them at a discount, its a mugs game dont bother with it odds are you wont want every dlc they bring out so it would be a waste of money
    Edit my bad they did it differently from the other season pass offers

  2. TH3Anime says:

    Well first of all I think it’s great you have considered buying the season pass. The Season Pass lets you download the latest DLC’s (Down Loadable Content)
    Once released, you can download it from Black Ops 2 in-game store for free. Buying the Season Pass is better than buying points then getting it
    So good luck.

  3. Vinny says:

    that guy is wrong, you get nuketown zombies, all 4 dlc for free. check the official site. also you will save 10 bucks. I got it and is nice

  4. Brian says:

    Ok so I bought the season pass and the new map pack came out today and if you purchase the season pass you get nuketown zombies as a separate free download and the new map pack revolution FREE in a separate download. If you purchase the season pass in order to get nuketown zombies and the map packs that come out free, you have to go to the in game store under multiplayer. Don’t go under zombies to get it. Remember I bought the season pass and i got the map pack free. This goes for every map pack that comes out. I think it’s worth it. Hoped this helped

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