Blackberry Questions!?

ok so …
1) i recieved a blackberry curve for christmas from a relative. He told me there was a £10 top up on it however when i set up my blackberry/ sim card etc and checked my balance there was no money on my phone and there definitly wasnt a top up voucher with my phone…but i did get a top up card with my phone so is it possible that its somehow on my top up card?
2) I then toped up £20 by voucher and soon after o2 text me to say that i had free calls and texts and 200mb of data to use….but they didnt debit any money from my balance and i have also noticed that the arn’t charging my for bbm or for anything really! i was wondering on o2 what tarrif i could get (for preferebly under 15 quid) that would get me free calls, text and bbm.
3)i am currently charging my bb and there is a greeney red light flashing when it is charged will that light go out
4) do all blackberry covers fit all blackberry phones
sorry for all the writing but please and thank- you in advance 🙂

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  1. MakeUpAN says:

    BLACKBERRYS SUCK? I have one.
    I topped up 20 quid (orange), and they informed me that my BBM will be up in 48 hours.
    When I tried 2 days later, it wasn’t up and my balance was gone.
    So I topped up 10 quid to phone them and they claimed I didn’t top up anything. Then after the 1 minute call, I checked my credit…: £0.00.
    Now I only use it for Facebook and twitter.
    I’d sell it and get a Samsung galaxy or an iPhone.
    Hope that helps!

  2. GRapFan1 says:

    Idk about number 1
    2) your bbm is basically ur data. Data=Internet outside a wifi zone. If u have wifi u still need ur data for ur bbm to work but u can turn off ur connection thingy so u only have wifi n ur gna use bbm on wifi
    3) when ur battery is full and its still charging then u know u should unplug it. If the light is red then it means you’ve received a message. If its kind of yellow then ur battery is low. If its blue its something to do with Bluetooth
    4) nope. All bbs have different dimensions
    If I was u I’d get the iPhone 5 (which I am currently using now). Faster, slimmer, thinner and longer

  3. Abbi says:

    well i was supposed to get £10 top up on mine and i never so i rang up and they said i would receive it in 48 hours but i never anyway and i don’t think i will be .
    Im not sure about number 2 :/
    for number 3 mine does that but it stops after a while .
    number 4 no I don’t think soo 🙂

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