Blink182 Fans..please Please Please Help Me?

Hi so basically im a horrible girlfriend.
My boyfriend is a huge blink 182 fan and the one thing he really wanted for christmas more than anything was the “Santa’s Lap” package that they had available for pre-sale on their website. I have been meaning to pre-order it but have been short on money and haven’t been able to purchase it until tonight. Unfortunately, it is now sold out. I feel like complete **** and don’t know what to do.
He told me that if i couldn’t get it, then it was okay and he would just order it himself but i told him it wasn’t a big deal and i would be able to get it for him for Christmas. Well now i completely screwed him over and don’t know what to do. I had no idea how fast it would sell out.
Is there ANY way to get this package still? I’m so desperate I will even buy it off of somebody.
Please let me know if there is anywhere I can purchase it before Christmas or if you know anybody willing to sell theirs (unopened of course). I will pay at least retail value for it. PLEASE. Thank you so much

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  1. ? says:

    eBay is a good start.

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