Bonus Formula On Ms Excel Help?

Hello, I need to figure out bonuses for some total incomes. Here is the information I have:
Show the bonuses given to staff based on the total income each year. These bonuses are to help them sell more:
£0.00 Nothing
£200,000.00 £50 shopping vouchers
£250,000.00 Trip to London for Christmas shopping
£300,000.00 Trip to Paris for Christmas shopping
£350,000.00 Trip to New York for Christmas shopping
I have all the total incomes worked out for each year (2004-2008) but I am stumped to what the formula would be.
It is telling me that if the total income is bigger than the figure on the left, it gets the bonus on the right but I do not know the formula to do this.
Thanks in advance,

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One Response to “Bonus Formula On Ms Excel Help?”

  1. Scrawny says:

    If the salary is in A2 this will do what you require:
    =IF(A2>=350000,”Trip to New York for Christmas shopping”,IF(A2>=300000,”trip to Paris for Christmas shopping”,IF(A2>=250000,”Trip to London for Christmas shopping”,IF(A2>=200000,”50 Pound shopping vouchers”,”Nothing”))))
    Copy down the length of your data. Change the cell references to match your data as required.

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