Book Review – King of Sword and Sky by CL Wilson

King of Sword and Sky is the third in a four book fantasy romance series Tairen Soul. Rain the Fey King, who is also a tairen (a magical, winged cat of the Fading Lands) was sent to the mortal lands, Celieria, to find the answer that would save the dying tairen. While there, he finds his truemate, a wood carver’s daughter, Ellysetta (Ellie) Barrista. Upon meeting Tairen Soul, Ellie discovers, her true being – she is not mortal but both Fey and tairen.

In this third installment King of Sword and Sky, we find Ellie traveling to the Fading Lands to help find out what is killing the tairen and to stop the Evil Mage from destroying the world. (is he destroying the whole world or just the fading lands?)(He’s destroying everything) She is welcomed into the Mists of the Fading Lands with mixed feelings.. Bearing the marks on her soul of the evil High Mage, Vadim Maur, there is uncertainty as to whether she is there to bring hope and salvation, or death and destruction.

And this is where I say – run and read the books. Because how do you condense an epic into a cohesive review? It’s not easy; there are many characters, a tightly built world with rules and history, and an intricate plot. The pacing in all three books is tight, and there’s one end goal for both good and evil – their own reign. How each gets there is the beauty of the series. Each character is well defined with well written dialogue; every sentence advances the plot, giving the reader more information about the mysteries of the Fey, The Fading Lands and the evil Mage.

The author’s ability to write about shining pure beautiful magic on one hand and the deepest darkest evil you’ve ever seen on the other is rather remarkable. The evil scenes drip off the page, and they aren’t always explicit. Ms. Wilson can make the reader shiver to their bone, with the mere mention of the evil Mage or one of his subordinates walking into a room.

Rain and Ellie are truemates, but they must complete their bond. This doesn’t happen overnight, they must come to know one another emotionally and trust one another and themselves for the bond to be complete. As of this book they aren’t there yet. But what does happen is the growth of their emotional ties, their increased understanding of each other, and their respect and deep feelings for one another. And isn’t that what a love story should be? Ellie may have started as a simple wood carver’s daughter, but she grows in her strength, her judgment, her compassion, and her powers. She will defend what she thinks is right to the death as will her truemate Rain. They make a powerful, believable couple.

For anyone who loves fantasy, the author has created a world filled with magic and deep history. If you love romance, this is a love story between two beings that is deep and stretches the span of time. This is not a stand alone book. You will want to start with the Lord of the Fading Lands, and I promise, you won’t be able to stop.

Source by Maria Lokken

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