boot sales?

what is the best thing you have ever got from a boot sale or jumble sale, whether for yourself or to sell on? Have you ever found anything really valuable?

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4 Responses to “boot sales?”

  1. misskitti7® says:

    my husband bought a oscillator ??? the bloke who was selling it when ask if it worked said it just as a green dot in the middle of the screen and wanted a pound for it,

    my husband bought it brought it home and it fully worked, he sold it later that same day for 70 quid.

    i myself buy lots a car parts for my truck i love boots sales you can grab a right bargain

    regards x kitti x

  2. Frankie says:

    No, I just come home with a whole lotta crap ha

  3. andrew doyle says:

    well i go to yugioh tournaments and the cards cost £2.50 per pack, but i got 350 cards at a car boot sale for £3.00 they are old but still useable and saved me about £150

    i also enjoy looking for dvds to watch

    ps i got my playstation 2 from a car boot sale for £20 3 years ago and it still does me til this day

  4. 46IM says:

    I got some nice boots

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