Bought This Psu.. Is It Ok?

So atm im using a very crappy PSU, it was like £13 and i just bought it because i needed one, personally, its ran my computer fine for awhile, however i think the bearings gone within the fan as it often makes horrible noises when its turned on, this means i need to adjust my case alot or actually hit the side of it to stop the sound
I just needed a quick replacement so i purchased this:
Will this be ok.. Im sick of my current fan making horrible noises and even when there is no noise from the fan, its awfully loud anyway, its gotten old and worn out so its time to get a new one
In the future i will most likely purchase a corsair PSU.. but is the one i said good enough for now

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2 Responses to “Bought This Psu.. Is It Ok?”

  1. Arnak says:

    That one looks fine to me!

  2. GreyVamp says:

    This will be fine, providing it has enough power for you (550W is generally enough, unless you’re using a high end PC) – and provided it has all the connectors you need. Which is probably will have. Generally speaking, will be fine.

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