Boxing day sales (When to buy)?


I’m confused about boxing day sales.

Is there really a big discount? How big? Would I really save some money?

Does sales start on 26th Dec or 27th Dec?

Shall I go to Westfield or Oxford Street?

Thank you.

Please leave any recommendation tips as well.

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3 Responses to “Boxing day sales (When to buy)?”

  1. Evie's mummy =] says:

    Sales start on 26th december. My tip is to get there early as everyone is out to grab a bargain lol. Discount depends on the shop and the item. On things like xmas cards (if you wanted to buy for next year) they will be dirt cheap but bigger items won’t in all honesty be that much cheaper.

  2. edward e says:

    Sales have already started, buy a paper

  3. me and you today says:

    Sales have already started 26th December Boxing Day today.

    The REAL sales happen between January – Febraury.

    You’re better off going Oxford Street. Westfield farely new to me lol. I personally prefer Oxford Street. Get what you need go early dont get too excited or too hopeful. Just have an open mind and carry a sidebag with a zip -security – enough to carry money and keys.

    Is there really a big discount? = Well today FootLocker’s selling trainers £30 ; was £50 you may not consider that a great deal but others might.

    How big? Would I really save some money? Depends on what YOU are looking to buy, want buy or need. Usually if you need something you’ll make sure you get a good deal.

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