Boxing Day sales?

Hey, merry christmas 🙂

I’m up in Edinburgh this year, new to the UK, and was just wondering what time the high street shops all tend to open tomorrow for the boxing day sales?



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6 Responses to “Boxing Day sales?”

  1. Tania S says:

    They open VERY early huge sale they mostly open at 7am and shops start sales on Thursday NOT tomorow.. Tomorow ALL shops are closed its just like Xmas the shiops will b still shut tomorow and sales on Thursday. =]
    Tania x

  2. bre says:

    idk sorry

  3. arosa says:


  4. badman says:

    i think they open at 9am

  5. redshoes805 says:

    Next normally starts about 6.00 in the morning boxing day

  6. allgiggles1984 says:

    8 am n yup boxing day.

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