Boyfriend's 21 Birthday gift ideas?

its my boyfriend’s 21st birthday and I am stuck on gifts for him! he doesnt wear jewellery except a watch which he already has.. i got him a shaver and clothes for christmas.
I was thinking of getting something memorable such as a photo frame, My friend has said that you can by Photo frames in the Shape of ’21’ and fill it with photos.. i cant seem to find any? anyone have any idea where i can find one??

Thankyou x
Yeah, thats enough with the unappropriate responds.. I don’t need to take advice from strangers about what to do with my sex life.

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8 Responses to “Boyfriend's 21 Birthday gift ideas?”

  1. CMcL says:

    How about games if he’s a gamer, or a voucher towards a driving lesson? You could make a photo collage, or maybe give him an events voucher (lots of discount sites like wowcher, groupon, 5pm and kgb do them) for something like rock climbing or paintballing

  2. Chitown's Finest says:

    Alcohol and a BJ, you’ll be the greatest GF ever.

    Lol, fine he’ll just get it from the chick he is screwing on the side you prude.

  3. Max says:

    I second. Alcohol and a Blow would be great…

  4. Ali says:

    Basicly go on this site and order some of the stuff that he’ll like :

  5. Willy says:

    get pregnant wiht his kid that will make him happy then he will stay with you forever

  6. Crystal says:

    A 21st Birthday is a special one, not because you can drink but because you can officially consider yourself an adult. I think a memorable gift is in order. Something that he will have for the rest of his adult life. Maybe a well made compass, a set of great binoculars, a leather briefcase, etc. You don’t say if he likes sports, travel, books, Keep whatever he likes to do in mind and make it the best that you can afford. I hope he appreciates your efforts. Good luck!

  7. Jamie says:

    Alcohol and drunk sex/ a bj. Just don’t get him whisky, nobody likes a whisky d*ck

  8. David says:

    Dr Marten boots and a BJ…..what every lad wants !

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