Bra fitting Marks and Spencer?

I want to get my bra size measured and it will be my first time. Im 14 years old. What should I expect? Do I need to take my bra off as well? Do I have o buy a bra there once they measure me or can I go look at another store? Also how do I ask my mom. My friend got measured and i told her about it and she was like ‘omg katie got measured’?
But then on the other hand when we went shopping with my moms friend for her nursing bras my mom suggeste that she gets measured.

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  1. ♛Angela♛ says:

    Yes you do need to take off your bra to be measured. You can’t get an accurate measurement if you don’t.

  2. Girlie Electrics says:

    They get a tape measure, Measure the ribcage under the bust, measure the fullest part of the bust and work out a bra size. All can be done over a thin T-shirt.

    Then try on a bra of that size and see if it fits right.

  3. Madge says:

    You can go to M&S they are very good, you don’t have to take your bra off but you need to be measured without a top, just your bra or cami. You can also measure yourself. Put the tape around under your bust get the measurement, then again across your bust and get that figure, then take the
    first figure i.e 32" then the difference between the first & second will be your cup size.
    So for instance first = 32" then second is 34" makes 32B Cup = each inch over the first figure is a cup size. Cup sizes start at A & AA upwards the double letters are if you are inbetween i.e 33" 35" etc
    Hope that helped.

  4. Ash says:

    Not necessarily. Apparently you can wear a non padded bra when you are being fitted.

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