Brand New Tires Make Wuh-wuh-wuh, Pulsating Noise…tough Issue….?

At Discount Tire Co., I bought 4 new tires (Goodyear Assurance Touring). 2009 RAV4 SUV…. These made wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh noise, almost as if I’m rolling on very tiny bumps….my car does not vibrate though….when moving from side to side, seems to get no noise or reduced noise. I went back and asked for different set….they gave me Michelin Energy AS…..same noise issue again…..was getting very very annoyed…..the problem seemed to occur mostly between 38 to 48 mph…….. went back again….this time they gave me Michelin Defender….same noise problem. What can it be? Wheel bearings, struts, shocks, etcc… ??? Please help !!!! Driving me nuts ! I paid $600 and hearing this noise is unbelievable….it is stressing the hell out of me….Toyota wants $100 for inspection of this problem.

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One Response to “Brand New Tires Make Wuh-wuh-wuh, Pulsating Noise…tough Issue….?”

  1. g says:

    Discount Tire was extremely accommodating to allow you to try three sets of tires. Please realize that. The Goodyear Assurance, Michelin Energy and the Defender are each and all top quality tires. It is not the rubber, no way. You either have a wheel baring problem or you are imagining things. The tires are not the culprits. Unfortunately, Discount Tire is not the best place to have your suspension evaluated, they only sell tires. Take your vehicle to an alignment shop if you truly think there is an issue. Again, each and every tire you drove is high level quality, the problem lies elsewhere.

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