Breil Watches

Italy has been synonymous with beautiful design for centuries, always in the forefront and Milan is the fashion center. Breil watches, Milano, in the tradition of Italian design combining grace and service. Breil watches combine technical excellence with Italian glamour. Their collection of unisex watches is avant-garde, so close to your own identity, you will never want to part with it.

Each style in the collection says something about the person who wears it. Elegant stainless steel, thin and sleek, large chronometers that give all the information you need for your activities and adventures. Breil Wonder, a strong looking watch with amazing attention to detail. The bracelet has contrasting surface finishes and the date display and retro style make it eclectic to fit any occasion. These watches are all Swiss made.

Breil watches combine classical design elements with seductive colors and unusual shapes and styles that tell the world you are wearing a Breil watch. The Aquamarine collection for ladies is a reinterpretation of the iconic Breil style. It is feminine and elegant with baguette cut aquamarines and brilliant cut diamonds making this a light watch rivaling any bracelet. Milano, urban to the core, a watch designed for fast paced city living without the loss of identity. It has a large dial with non-reflective glass and steel and rubber straps. The black steel says no nonsense but the design says freedom. 38 years after the first Manta dove into the endless sea it is still the leader in design and quality for a sports watch. The Breil Manta proves function need not be mundane. It looks even better today than it did 38 years ago and will continue to make its presence known 38 years from now.

For those with a nautical flair, the Mediterraneo is the Breil watch with the atmosphere of a regatta. It is steel, carbon fiber and sapelli wood, this collection has a variety of colors and materials from rubber bands to water snake skin and stingray leather. If sailing is your passion, this is the watch you need. Color is the hallmark of the Logo collection. With different colored Plexiglas inserts, each watch is unique. Red, brown, green, black, pink and white this collection has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Each one is a work of art. You will never wear long sleeves again. Eros for men and women states Italian style with no compromise. The tiny diamonds and non reflective sapphire glass add to the strength of this timepiece.

Breil watches are Italian designed and Swiss manufactured to last for years and be a valued heirloom in your family. While retaining time honored classical elements they have created original designs that stand out and are noticed. For men and women some styles are the same, only the size differs and others are quintessentially masculine or feminine. Breil watches boldly use color as another unique touch to these luxurious timepieces.

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